"Amo Gulinello...   set the screen on fire" 

(in...The Object of My Affection)


-Instinct Magazine

"Gulinello sucks up the screen during his too-brief scenes.

He’s impossible not to watch 


(and has insured that his debut film won’t be his last.)"






"Gulinello is so romantic"

Cirque du Soleil


“But the real star of the show is Amo Gulinello as Eddy the Clown. Gulinello performs extended sequences in the first and second act and each time he involves members of the audience in wild improvisations. His skills as a mime, physical comedian and fast-thinking improviser are consistently surprising, delightful and unforgettable. He’s not above bathroom humor, but even then he delivers it with such skill and imagination that anyone would laugh at the results.”


-The Kansas City Star


*       *       *


“Immediately he brought the stage and audience together... Perhaps the most memorable part of the show came in the second half. Eddy returned to the stage...”


-The Shreveport Times






“The lowly jester, Eddy, however, was by and llarge the crowd favorite.”


                                         -The Badger Harald




“It was Eddy, a mime, who stole the show.”


                                 - The Daily News, Halifax

“And you are the best clown, the first one whose performance I really laughed at as an adult, with a good hearty laugh)))Your pantomime’s talent impressed me in particular, because, you know, mostly mimes are quite predictable, which usually makes pantomime one of the slow moments of the whole show. But your drowning was brilliant, and so was everything else you did.”


- A Fan

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