Curriculum Vitae

Theater / Circus

Fastcar: man of action

Original, solo show

2017 to Present

Cirque du Soleil

Lead Clown performing solo acts

Principle in Clown Trio

Sound effects, mime

Audience member improvisation

General idiocy

Acting Coach

(Developing the character work of the other artists)

"Eddy" Saltimbanco

"Car/Cinema" Quidam 

"Handyman" Kooza

De La Guarda

Principal, performing aerial acrobatics

(New York City-Off Broadway)


Bill Irwin's Scapin

Keystone-cop physical shtick

(New York City-Broadway)


Film & TV

Object Of My Affection

Dir. Nicolas Hytner

Co-Star as "Paul"

Opposite Paul Rudd & Nigel Hawthorne

(also staring Jennifer Aniston)



A film by John Turturro

“Pupo”, the troublesome stagehand

(opposite Bill Irwin)


Unconditional Love

Dir. P.J. Hogan


The Confession

Dir. Harry Fertig


Sex In The City

"The Post-It Always Sticks Twice"


Gorilla Repertory Theatre Company NYC

Site specific, Shakespearean,



A Midsummer Night’s Dream


King Lear


Taming Of The Shrew



New York University

Experimental Theatre Wing

Lee Strasburg


ETW in Paris

Theater & Mask

(Théâtre du Soleil)

Atlantic School

(New York City)

Ecole Jaques Lecoq

(2 year Graduate)

Ecole Philippe Gaulier


some shows i did
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Detailed Description of Skills

Audiance Participation


have had many years experience performing different clown numbers where I ask a member of the audience to be my partner. I use physical contact and eye contact to gain there trust. It is our human dynamic that makes the numbers not just funny but inspiring. Ultimately, it is the him/her who is the star of the show.



I'm not an excellent juggler, but I can do some simple, club passing.

MimeSound Effects


I am not a classically trained pantomime but I can be very specific and expressive in my movements. Making sounds for things helps the illusion. It’s nice having the mime and the sounds to play with as part of the composition; it makes for very strong rhythm and timing.

Harnessed Aerial


I have many years experience flying in a 360°, center point clip-in harness. This means that hanging from the end of a dynamic line I have spun, rotated, dived, run on walls, lifted audience into the air... while wet.

Harmonica & Guitar


I am self-taught. Slightly proficient. With some practice I can hold down a tune.



I wouldn’t want to make a habit of doing it, but I can blast a pretty good plume.



I am comfortable leading with the gear and hanging out in the vertical world.

some things i can do
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